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Do you need an Electric Car Charging Point at your Home?

Four hundred additional electric vehicle charging points are coming to London’s streets before the end of 2016. This has been confirmed after a deal was struck between charger specialist Bluepoint London, Transport for London (TFL) and 16 city boroughs.

Under this new deal, Bluepoint London has been given the task of expanding the capital’s charging network significantly, as well as maintaining their charge points in the agreed areas.

This plan is undoubtedly part of a long-term goal from current Mayor of London Sadiq Khan, who wants to see more low and zero-emission vehicles used in London to clean the city’s air. The hope will be that by adding more publicly accessible charging points, electric vehicles can become viable and appealing to more motorists in the capital.

Smartphone app coming to find and book new charging points

To support the new EV chargers coming, Bluepoint London will allow locals to find and reserve these charging points using an interactive map on a smartphone app.

Source London, which is the network operator for Bluepoint London’s EV chargers, will offer a £4 monthly membership fee plus pay-as-you-go rates of 3.6p per minute to use the new charge points. Older charger points already set up by the company will be free to use.

There have already been recent online reports of electric vehicle sales soaring in Britain in recent months, and these new charging points before the year is out could maintain that rapid increase for London in particular.


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